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Child Support Agency and Liability Orders

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We recommend if you receive correspondence from the Child Support Agency warning of a Liability Order you should make immediate arrangements to speak to a member of our team by calling 01207 693966. A Liability Order it the first step to other civil enforcement measures using the Court system.  Please don’t ignore the situation as it could result in you losing your home or possibly your liberty.

Liability Orders are used by the Child Support Agency to recover child maintenance arrears. If you have received notification of a Liability Order hearing for arrears you don't understand or disagree with, let us help you through our data file review and report service. We can obtain your information and prepare you a report about your overall case. You then get a telephone advice appointment to discuss what can be done with one of our specialist, fully-qualified, child support lawyers. As part of our case management service, we can also advise on enforcement action and help you set up payment plans. We don't do Liability Order representation but we can help get to the root of the problem and if the arrears are sorted then your Liability Order problem is solved.

It is also really important to realise that the CSA is about to start closing its existing cases so you need to sort out your arrears disputes now because once the CSA carries out its internal review and signs off your arrears as correct, you will not be able to challenge them again

Liability Orders form a key element in Child Support Agency enforcement procedures. The Liability Order has to be granted by the Magistrates' Court and many people mistakenly believe this is an opportunity for them to take their complete file along and get the Magistrate to review the Child Support Agency's decisions because they are in dispute about the amount of child support arrears being claimed. It isn't and usually the Liability Order will be granted if you are there or not. This then opens all kinds of other avenues of enforcement from the Child Support Agency / CMS including Bailiff involvement, charging orders on property, forced sale of property and even being sent to prison.


  • Sell your house
  • Take away your driving licence for up to two years
  • Send you to prison
  • Attach a Deduction of Earnings Order (DEO) to your wages or salary through your employer
  • Attach a DEO to your bank account, designed to catch up with those self-employed amongst you
  • Attach a DEO to a joint account
  • Put a curfew order of up to 12 hours a day in place and make you pay the costs of monitoring that you keep to the order. If you don't keep to the curfew, you can be sent to prison. A curfew order comes with powers to search you and remove any money you might be carrying to go towards the child maintenance arrears


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I write this testimonial as the mother of a son who took his own life because of life’s pressures, including those placed upon him from the Child Support Agency.  I was not asked to write it but we feel we need to tell our story in order to help others.

Mr & Mrs S Moody, London

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We are confident not only about the advice we offer but the standard of that advice. Durham Legal Services has represented people with child support problems for the last twenty years. We know we can help you if you have a real CSA problem.


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