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CSA Mortgage Department          

Durham Legal Services can offer individuals expert advice and assistance on all aspects of housing costs and pension contributions for the present Child Support Act, through to the New Child Support, Pensions & Social Security Act 2000.

The introduction of the New Child Support, Pensions and Social Security Bill 2000 removes most of the allowable housing costs from the New Child Support Act Maintenance Calculation.

The exception to this new rule is Maintenance Calculations, which are subject to Variation Orders in respect of Mortgages payable by the Non-Residential Parent for the benefit of the Parent with Care or any Qualifying Child.

Many individuals who are presently involved with the Child Support Agency may find their current liability will change considerably with the exemption of allowable Housing Costs.

Durham Legal Services works in conjunction with Finance First, appointed representatives of Zurich Financial Services and Threadneedle Investments. Together, we can now produce a personally tailored "Maintenance Mortgage" for the entire duration of your Child Support Assessment Period.

For professional advice on these matters, please feel free to contact us.

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