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Durham Legal Services has been helping parents to resolve their child maintenance issues and recover compensation since 1995. With 70% of current Child Maintenance Cases containing major errors the likelihood is you are using our website because you and your family are victims of this appalling legislation and the maladministration it causes.

Why use Durham Legal Services? Simple, we are experts in Child Support Legislation and deal with each of our clients in an individual way. We use plain language when dealing with your case and we are not afraid to take the case all the way if forced to do so.

Under Section 2 of the Child Support Act every time a decision is made on a CSA case the welfare of all children involved must be considered. The use of Section 2 makes every CSA case unique and this is the main reason high street solicitors won’t deal with CSA issuest. Our expertise and individual approach means we will.

Yes we do charge a fee for our service but you are getting Qualified Legal Advice which is covered by our guarantee.  It’s not general advice like you find on the internet covered with a disclaimer. We don’t use disclaimers with our advice because we know it is correct.  And whilst we are talking about fees, where we can we will always offer you and your family a discount. 

Please use the links below to have a look around our website and in particular the blog page where you will find up to date information about all three child support systems.  And please don’t forget if you can’t find the answer or advice you looking we invite you to email us your legal query and we see what we can do.

Zara and Peter Wood “I am the partner of a NRP and together my partner and I have been fighting the CSA for years.  Our MP told us our case was very complicated and suggested we contact Durham Legal Services.  After 4 months all our issues were resolved”. 

We can represent you at your Tribunal wherever it is being heard. We have successfully represented clients at hundreds of child support hearings and our experience is available to you. If you require representation or simply want to find out about the benefits of having representation please use the link below.

Mark Harris “When the CSA assessed me they used the wrong income figure.  Having contacted them on a number of occasions they refused to change it so I appealed.  It is very easy to think well I will just turn up and tell it the way it is and things should be fine, it wasn’t. The hearing was adjourned and I had a list as long as your arm of information I needed to supply.  I realised I needed help and instructed Durham Legal Services.  They prepared all the documents for me and came along on the day.  I won my appeal and the CSA were told to use the right income”.

We can represent you at your Tribunal wherever it is being heard. We have successfully represented clients at hundreds of child support hearings and our experience is available to you. If you require representation or simple want to find out about the benefits of having representation please use the link below.

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Legal Fees Guarantee - we won't be beaten on price!

Here at Durham Legal, we are committed to offering you the best value CSA legal representation available in the UK and we strive to provide you an unbeatable fixed fee. At Durham Legal, we never want our clients to have to decide between what we feel is the best CSA legal representation and a lower price. We want you to have both the best representation and the best prices! We are so confident that we promise to beat any advertised price from any practising solicitor or barrister in the UK by 10% of their fee.

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We understand the simple reality is if you have a Child Maintenance problem you need professional help - it’s a false economy not to get it.  Child Maintenance law is very complex and can have a dramatic effect on family life, especially if the problems are not dealt with properly. 

Email us your story and get the right Child Maintenance advice

For those parents who find it hard to talk about their CSA case, please feel free to use this link to email us your story. A member of our team will review your case and let you know if you do have a case against the CSA and more importantly if we can help you.

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Child Maintenance and Shared Care

The CSA is changing the rules about shared care because under the new Child Maintenance Service the Government recognises that 50:50 shared care is good for the children and should be acknowledged. With the right approach and evidence, any liability could be removed completely.

CLICK HERE to find out more about shared care

Do you feel your CSA Arrears are unfair?

Are your arrears due to the delay the CSA has taken in calculating your liability. Have they made an assessment and you've not been notified. If you owe arrears and you think they are unfair, please get in touch.

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Keep up to date with the new Child Maintenance Service

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Please feel free to take a tour around our website. If you can't find the answer to your question simply call us and we will be happy to help you. To book your appointment either email your details direct to us via our contact page or contact us on 01207 693966.

If your Child Support case is under the old Child Support Agency CSA1 or CS2 schemes please use our www.childmaintenanceadvice.co.uk website.



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CSA Testimonials

I write this testimonial as the mother of a son who took his own life because of life’s pressures, including those placed upon him from the Child Support Agency.  I was not asked to write it but we feel we need to tell our story in order to help others.

Mr & Mrs S Moody, London

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We are confident not only about the advice we offer but the standard of that advice. Durham Legal Services has represented people with child support problems for the last twenty years. We know we can help you if you have a real CSA problem.


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